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Weighing clay - curious about this image


I contacted and got a response from the potter who made and posted the original photo, and have posted their answer here also

I get 51% water in the left clay, 33% water in the right side clay.
That would likely account for the difference.

I agree...looks like top row is 2 different wet pots and bottom row is the same pots either dry or bisque.

I'm guessing that the study shows that some clays have less water weight since the one on left lost more weight than the one on the right??

It looks to me like there are two different pots, and the pictures on the top are those two different pots in the wet state.
Below are the fired pots.
Just looking at the shape of the one on the top left, that bulge at about 4 o'clock seems to be there in the picture below.
The pot on the top right looks to be more even in its form, and directly below it the pot looks identical, to me at least.

I saw this image posted on Instagram not long ago and have been waiting for this forum to happen to ask the question. The images are: top left is just made wet clay, top right leather hard, bottom left bone dry, bottom right bisque.  Note the weights of each. Can anyone explain why, if all water is fired off, the bisque would weigh MORE than the bone dry?


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