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Hi...Just wanted to let you know that this discussion is one that I copied from the clayart email list when I was testing the forum and to show Mel how things would look/operate so I'm not sure he is monitoring it?  You'll note that I posted all the items. 

I'm not sure what areas he monitors but you might want to post your question to the general discussion area or you can send him a private message via the forum. His username is melpots

Hopefully that makes sense?


Please explain: what is a cross slab lift system that you mention in sushi plate technique/method?

Hi Daryl,

If adding vinegar to sand produces effervescence then you have calcium present - that makes that sand useless for pottery.

I agree that crushed silica would be the better material. Just be aware that fine crushed (means sharp edges) silica - is the stuff that causes silicosis. Best to keep that out of your lungs and studio.


YOU CAN TEST THE CONCRETE SAND & COMPARE WITH BEACH SAND in your clay but be sure & wash the beach sand, it's got salt with it! TEST TEST! MIKE GORDON

When you add sand to clay can you use beach sand that has been screened ? Or do you glacé to wash it first and dry it? I am making my own clay in Mexico and cannot find grog. The sand I can find is basically for concrete. Suggestions?


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