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Injection mold pictures


  'Twould be easier to understand if a standard mechanical drawing of the thing could be had,
does anybody do that any more?
  From what I see here it appears to be a die to make a slant sided brick from which slices can be cut to make the templates for her big pot method. Is this correct?

Pics from on Clayart

injection mold that made the template (The Tech department made it--very cool.)

Dear Clayart:

These two images are related to the video "Big Pots"
that I posted on Clayart a week or so ago. Link to video:

The silvery metal one is a photo of the injection mold
making machine that creates the plastic trapezoidal
dies for cutting the clay pieces to make "Big Pots".

The white plastic trapezoid photo is a close up view of the

I just wanted to show you what went into making the
template--lots of work (and experience) by the EMU
Technology department.  Thanks!



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