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Kiln Re-build


I would love to hear follow up results as well! I'm also very i terested in the roof design, it does look like it angles outward at the top- di you use a final row of arch bricks? Or are there arch bricks mixed into the layout to create that angle? It seems to be a smart design to keep the pressure at the bottom of the bricks, helping to keep the top flat.

Hi Ann......How'd you kiln do?

I hope this kiln works successfully for you.
Looks like you and your team built a kiln, straight and true to MFT standards...
I wonder about the metal corners of the flat roof.  From the picture they look like they are skewed at an angle away from plumb.
Did you use skew or arch bricks on the outside rows of the roof for some reason?
Best of luck in your firing adventures.

Awesome Ann!!  Glad you got it back together and am looking forward to seeing pics of finished pieces.


Ann Kenworthy:
Hank Murrow, Jim Laub and Sandy Harder (as well as friends from Mudpie Potters in Leverett, MA) just helped rebuild my MFT, formerly housed in Maryland. Haven't fired yet, but I expect the same great results due to the superb workmanship of Hank and Jim.  We had a great time, too!  Here are some pictures.  This is the kiln featured in Mel's book - 21st century kilns.  Thanks, Mel.


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