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Cone Pack decal for cars

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Hi everyone!
I'm Jessica!
I'm the girl behind the cone pack decal!!!
And I'm branching out into tshirts!!!
If anyone is interested, right now the easiest this is to convo me on etsy.
My email is flooded with etsy emails so it may get lost but you could also email me at
I take special cone pack orders as well

Let me know if you have any other suggestions!
Thanks for all the love.

Jessica.  :D

Poor girl is wondering why she is being slammed for orders (lol)

hehehe John....I bet that has had several people following you scratching their head wondering what the meaning of the stick is!

I'd really like it on a t-shirt!

John Post:
No relationship Ray, I just saw it on Facebook and ordered one for me.
I like to confuse the people in the car behind me.

Thanks John......since you posted it thought that you might have had some relationship with the person.  I'll stop by the etsy site and send her a note about t-shirts



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